Ask An Orthopedist – How do I treat my ankle sprain at home?

Calendar November 6, 2014
Ask An Orthopedist – How do I treat my ankle sprain at home?

Woman wearing ankle brace, low sectionQuestion:

I’m 13 years old. About a week ago I was doing aerials (handless cartwheels) in gymnastics and my ankle started to hurt so I stopped. That weekend I had a soccer game and I got knocked into and I fell. Since then it’s been pretty swollen and very painful. I can still walk but with pain and a limp. I’m pretty sure I sprained it but I’m not sure to what degree or what to do. Thanks.

Dr. Foreman Says:

Appropriate treatment for an ankle sprain is initially RICE – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Once the swelling subsides you may begin working on range of motion and strengthening exercises – you can find these on the internet. You may need an ankle support for a while when you first return to sports.


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